Blueskin® WP 200

A self-adhered composite membrane

Blueskin® WP 200

Self-Adhered Waterproofing Membrane

Blueskin® WP 200 is a self-adhered composite membrane consisting of an SBS rubberized asphalt compound, integrally laminated to a blue, high-density polyethylene film. The membrane is specifically designed for self-adhering to a prepared substrate, and provides a high-performance waterproofing barrier.


  • SBS membrane flexible at low temperatures
  • Fully adhered systems prevent lateral water movement
  • No flame required
  • Factory controlled thickness
  • Negligible odor during application


  • Thickness - 60 mils (1.5 mm)
  • Roll Length 66.7ft
  • Roll Width - 36"
  • Gross Coverage - 200 ft2
  • Net Coverage* - 186 ft2

*Based on 65 mm laps both side and end laps

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  • Installation and Technical Literature

    Blueskin??WP 200 Data Sheet Click to download  

    Blueskin??WP 200 SDS Sheet Click to download  

    Waterproofing with self-adhered membranes Click to download  

    Blueskin??WP 200?Health Product Declaration Click to download  

  • Specifications

    Self-Adhered Waterproofing Membrane Guide Spec Click to download  

  • Architectural Details

    ES-H101 – Foundation Wall Applications pdf cad

    ES-H102 – Concrete Plaza Deck Applications pdf cad

    ES-H103 – Wall/Footing Detail pdf cad

    ES-H104 – Raised Slab Detail pdf cad

    ES-H105 – Deck/Wall Downturn Detail pdf cad

    ES-H106 – Deck/Wall Upturn Detail pdf cad

    ES-H107 – Termination Bar Detail pdf cad

    ES-H108 – Expansion Joint Detail pdf cad

    ES-H109 – Precast/Expansion Joint Detail pdf cad

    ES-H110 – Vent Detail pdf cad

    ES-H111 – Projection Detail pdf cad

    ES-H112 – Drain Detail pdf cad

    ES-H116 – Inside Corner pdf cad

    ES-H117 – Outside Corner pdf cad

    PMDQ-TID-A3A Pumadeq System transition with Blueskin WP200 pdf cad

    PMDQ-TID-A3B Pumadeq System transition with Blueskin WP200 pdf cad

    PMDQ-TID-A3C Pumadeq System transition with Blueskin WP200 pdf cad

    PMDQ-TID-A3D Pumadeq System transition with Blueskin WP200 pdf cad

  • LEED Declarations

    Blueskin WP200 LEED Declaration Click to download

  • Health Product Declarations

    Blueskin? WP200 Health Product Declaration Click to download

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