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June 2019

Introducing Henry® Air-Bloc® All Weather STPE Fluid Applied Vapor Permeable Air Barrier ― spray-able and rain-ready

Henry? Company, a leader in Building Envelope Systems?, has introduced Henry? Air-Bloc? All Weather STPE? Fluid Applied Vapor Permeable Air Barrier, a UV- and fire-resistant, fluid applied, elastomeric membrane designed to provide a vapor permeable, water resistive air barrier when applied to high-performance above-grade wall assemblies. It can be applied at temperatures as low as 10 oF (-12 °C) and has the ability to withstand rain within 30 minutes of being applied, helping to keep projects on schedule.

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February 2019

Henry® Company highlights its complete offering of compatible Building Envelope Systems® for residential & light commercial applications at IBS 2019

Henry? Company, a leader in Building Envelope Systems?, introduced its new offering of compatible Building Envelope Systems? for residential and light commercial applications.

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December 2017

Henry® Company agrees to acquire Fortifiber Building Systems Group®

Henry® Company, a leader in Building Envelope Systems®, has agreed to acquire Fortifiber®, LLC based in Fernley, Nevada, a leading manufacturer of weather-resistive moisture management systems, including housewrap, building paper and flashing tapes.

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June 2017

Henry® Company acquires TQ3 North America, Inc.

Henry® Company, a leader in Building Envelope Systems®, has acquired TQ3 North America, Inc. based in Fairfield, NJ, a technology leader in fluid applied waterproofing systems.

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January 2017

Henry® Company receives ISO 9001:2008 certification renewal

Henry® Company recently announced the renewal of its ISO 9001:2008 certification for an additional three years for its plants located in Canada (Scarborough, Ont.; Petrolia, Ont.; Lachine, Qué.; and Mirabel, Qué.). The plants combine to manufacture an array of Henry products designed for residential and commercial construction, including solvent-based adhesives, asphalt emulsions, acrylic sealers, roofing underlayments, waterproofing systems and air barrier systems.

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May 2016

Henry Restoration Systems offer cost-effective alternatives to re-roofing

Henry® now offers cost-effective alternatives to re-roofing as part of its Henry® Restoration Systems portfolio. Developed to help extend the existing roof membrane life cycle, Henry® Restoration Systems help restore the building’s roof without the expense of removing and installing a new roof.

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